Schilling IT understands the unique IT needs of nonprofit organizations and faith-based organizations in Indiana and Illinois. We are here to provide exceptional IT services and tech support tailored specifically for your organization. Contact us today for an immediate quote.

Excellent IT Services for Nonprofits & Faith-Based Organizations

At Schilling IT, we specialize in delivering excellent IT services for nonprofits and faith-based organizations in Northwest Indiana. We understand that budgeting for IT services can be challenging, and the security of your confidential data is a top priority.

We also recognize the importance of maintaining the continuity of your organization. While your organization may not be focused on making money, it handles sensitive information that you wouldn't want to fall into the wrong hands. Additionally, your organization performs vital activities just like a for-profit organization.

That's why you need excellent IT services for nonprofits to efficiently manage your organization and make a positive impact on the people you serve. Schilling IT is here to support you with all your IT needs, allowing you to concentrate on bringing about positive change in society. Get your free immediate IT services quote today.

How Your Nonprofit Or Faith-Based Organization Can Benefit From Our IT Services

Your nonprofit organization can operate more efficiently with reliable IT support from Schilling IT. Whether it's managing and maintaining donation records, monitoring expenses, or safeguarding important data, your nonprofit needs the support of a dependable IT service provider. Here's how your nonprofit can benefit from our reliable IT services:


We understand the importance of data and system security. Our comprehensive cybersecurity measures, such as up-to-date anti-malware software, premium firewalls, and trusted cybersecurity policies, ensure your business is protected.

Data backup and recovery

Schilling IT employs efficient methods of data backup, particularly on the cloud, ensuring easy access to your data in case of a disaster. Our automated systems regularly update your backed-up data, providing you with the latest information when you need it most.

IT budgeting

Budgeting can be a challenge for nonprofits, but we can help. Outsource your budgeting needs to us, and we'll handle the job for you. Whether you require accounting software or managed IT financial services, we have you covered.

Streamline Your Nonprofit Organization With Professional IT Solutions From Schilling IT

If you're seeking reliable IT services for nonprofits and faith-based organizations, partner with Schilling IT for professional and dependable solutions. Contact us today for more details.