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Schilling IT Provides Reliable and Secure IT Solutions to Law Firms In Northwest Indiana

  • Do you incur unpredictable costs on your law firm’s IT services?
  • Are you compliant with the current trends in cloud storage?
  • Does the privacy and security of your legal files and systems worry you?

You can reach out to Schilling IT for the above and any other IT pain points. We have a dedicated team that understands that you can boost your productivity with modern applications and solutions without compromising your documents and systems’ safety, security, and privacy. We will help you keep up with the influx of IT challenges that can risk your practice and your clients’ welfare. Let our experts help you with issues entailing flexible case management software, email encryption, time tracking, document management, system security, and many more.

IT Services Law Firms

How can law Firms Benefit from our IT Services?

By and large, our custom services aim to deliver unbeatable reliance when it comes to IT infrastructure performance and reliability. We evaluate companies’ objectives and only get into contracts with companies and organizations that fit our model and stand to gain from our service. Give us a chance to evaluate your firm and provide you with a strategic plan that guarantees improved flexibility and return on investments.
You will benefit from the following;

  • Services are on a flat-rate fee; no unexpected expenses
  • Topnotch system security and reliability
  • Scalable IT services to match your growth
  • 24/7/365 support and monitoring

Our Law Firms IT Services

We offer customized services based on your needs and business objectives. Some of the top solutions include:

Managed IT Services

Trust us to take care of your IT needs as you concentrate on your cases and litigations. This ensures that you get extra time to focus on your clients and essential files. We offer a range of services under this package to ensure that your clients stay happy and your staff productive. We focus on law firms with employees of between 10 and 200 employees.
Our managed IT services include;

  • Service alignment with your objectives
  • Development of a strategic IT plan
  • Full-time proactive network support and monitoring
  • Access to digital trends and advancements
  • Secure systems, servers, data, and files

Cloud Services

The practice of law is synonymous with large files and offices with enormous filing cabinets. But many attorneys continue to get digital and tech-savvy, making digital notebooks, laptops, and tablets irresistible replacements to piles of files of paperwork. Our cloud services ensure that you can access and control your business from anywhere. Our cloud storage, built on secure data centers, go beyond general safety to deliver unbeatable safety and reliability. The services include;

  • Data backup and recovery
  • Reliable custom relationship management (CRM) systems
  • Email server management
  • File server management
  • VoIP phone systems

Cybersecurity Services

With the increase in internet use, organizations and institutions continue to contend with cyber-attacks’ growing threat. Law firms are no exception, mainly based on the data’s sensitivity, information, and transactions under their watch. We have modern mechanisms to protect and detect your data and servers from cybercriminals. And in case something happens, we have effective response mechanisms.
Our cybersecurity services include;

  • Disaster recovery solutions
  • Email and spam filtering
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Data and server encryption solutions
  • Advanced computer forensics
  • Theft response and recovery

Streamline Your Law Firm Objectives with IT Solutions from Schilling IT

At Schilling IT, we provide law firms with great IT Solutions for flexibility and sustained growth. Signing up for our services will help you boost your productivity and ensure that you maintain the necessary cybersecurity standards. We guarantee no downtimes and indisputable client satisfaction levels.

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Client IT Service Stories Of Success

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    My experience with Schilling IT has always been excellent. For the most part, Cirro Ramos has been the person to assist me. Cirro is consistently pleasant, knowledgeable, and patient. He never stops until my problem is resolved. I am so grateful that our organization has Schilling IT to help us with our needs!

    ~ Angela Harris
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    Schilling IT provides a personalized, expert solution for all our IT needs and even more. They have never avoided helping us with anything related to technology even if it may fall outside their typical course of business. They have been the complete solution for anything relating to computers, technology, and IT. Their response time has always been fast.

    ~ VJ Damasius
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    Schilling IT and all of their employees are excellent!!! They always take care of any issues we have in a timely manner and I would recommend them to anyone!!

    ~ Shannon
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    Great customer service, and quick!!! Total professionalism on appearance and demeanor. Completely satisfied with the work we had performed.

    ~ Kerry drake
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    Schilling IT is professional and quick to resolve your IT problems. I highly recommend their team!

    ~ Jorie Jones-Prather