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Schilling IT makes it easier for your business to move from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud.  

Do you find the prospect of purchasing equipment and hiring and maintaining in-house experts to install and update your software, run backups, manage file servers, and set up email nerve-wracking? At a small monthly fee, Schilling IT can provide managed IT systems that we set up and maintain on your behalf. By hosting your business applications in the cloud, you eliminate the need for costly servers and networking equipment and have secure access to your business data from any internet-connected device.

Cloud Services

Advantages Of Our Cloud Services For Your Company

The value that any company can get from using cloud-based solutions is remarkable. However, in the case of small and mid-sized businesses the advantages are almost overwhelming. Cloud computing brings accessibility to groundbreaking technologies that small businesses could not afford before. By hosting and managing your business applications, we remove the barriers to entry and level the playing field.

Below are some of the other advantages Schilling IT’s cloud services bring to the table:

  • We help you to secure your computing infrastructure
  • We lower the cost of ownership of your business technology
  • Our cloud services save you time by allowing rapid deployment of new technologies
  • We help to unite your distributed workforce under one system
  • You can move your focus from management of infrastructure and systems to your business goals

What Cloud Services Does Schilling IT Offer?

At Schilling IT, we provide managed cloud solutions designed to address your company’s short-term and long-term IT security, privacy, and functionality concerns. Some of the services we provide to small and mid-sized companies looking to shift their operations to the cloud are:

Communication Solutions And Networking 

Our range of cloud communication services gives your staff the power they need to reach out to colleagues through precise, reliable, internet-based telephony solutions and secure unified communications systems.

With our cloud communications platforms, your tech team can quickly integrate communication functions into business applications using prebuilt tools from leading vendors, speeding up the implementation process. As a result, your team can converse seamlessly across various devices, modalities, and touchpoints to meet your customers’ needs no matter where they are.

Our cloud communication features include:

  • VoIP phone systems
  • Email servers
  • WiFi networks

Cybersecurity And Compliance

Today, small and mid-sized businesses are coming under increasing attack from malicious software including ransomware and viruses. There is also the threat of unexpected natural calamities that could cause system downtime and data loss.

Unlike large corporations and enterprises with deep pockets and the resources to absorb these shocks, smaller companies are highly susceptible to events that can halt their operations. By leveraging the expertise and experience of our team to set up secure cloud solutions, your company can enjoy unrivaled business continuity at an affordable cost.

We provide the following regulator-compliant managed cloud security features:

  • Internet content filtering
  • Anti-virus protection
  • Data backup and recovery

Virtualization, Collaboration, And Productivity Tools 

Virtualization is at the core of all cloud computing. The objective of most cloud services is to take advantage of having multiple systems and applications running in virtual environments on the internet, instead of setting them up on your premises. As a result, you will witness dramatic improvements in efficiency, higher availability, and lower costs due to the economies of scale.

Some of the solutions we provide are:

  • File servers
  • Virtual desktops
  • Hosted applications

Call On Schilling IT For Secure Cloud Solutions

Besides ensuring you have access to robust and reliable web-based software solutions, all our cloud services run on servers colocated at Type II, SAS 70, or SSAE 16-compliant facilities. The facilities feature biometric access control, physical locks, video surveillance, and 24-hour staffed security.

Our data centers are on both the East and West coasts of the US to provide redundancy. We also partner with several cloud providers who protect your data as thoroughly as we do and maintain compliance with the latest Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Sarbanes-Oxley, and HIPAA regulations.

Contact us today for an extensive array of cloud solutions designed for small and mid-sized businesses.

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    ~ Angela Harris
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