Schilling IT specializes in providing top-notch IT services and solutions tailored specifically for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Indiana and Illinois. Our team of experienced technicians understands the unique needs of SMBs and is dedicated to streamlining your business objectives through effective IT solutions.

Why SMBs Can Benefit from Our IT Services

Are you concerned about the privacy and security of your business files and systems? Do you struggle with budgeting for IT services? Are you looking to leverage the latest trends in cloud storage? If you're facing any of these challenges or others, Schilling IT is here to offer excellent IT services for SMBs.

We take pride in taking care of your worries, ensuring the security of your data and systems, and protecting your privacy. With our reliable and secure IT solutions, you can focus on managing and growing your business while we handle your IT needs. Say goodbye to sleepless nights worrying about your IT systems and let us take care of them for you.

Key Benefits of Our IT Services for SMBs

24/7 Support

Our dedicated customer support staff is available round the clock to assist you with any emerging issues, ensuring you can sleep peacefully knowing help is just a call away.

Data Backup and Recovery

We utilize the latest technology, including cloud computing, to back up and recover your important data in the event of a data disaster.

Robust Cybersecurity

We understand the importance of data and system security. Our comprehensive cybersecurity measures, such as up-to-date anti-malware software, premium firewalls, and trusted cybersecurity policies, ensure your business is protected.

Access to Latest Technology

By outsourcing your IT services to us, you can eliminate the need to purchase hardware or software. We will host your business on our infrastructure, providing you with access to the latest technology without the hassle.

Scalable Solutions

We offer flexible bundles of IT services that can be easily upgraded or downgraded based on the evolving needs of your business.

Transparent Pricing

With our flat-rate monthly fees, you won't have to worry about hidden costs. We provide transparent pricing and the flexibility to change plans as your business grows.

Our IT Services for SMBs

Regardless of the size of your SMB in Northwest Indiana, we have the perfect IT solution for you. Here are some of the top IT services we offer:

Cloud-Based Solutions

We ensure your business stays up-to-date by hosting it on the cloud, providing flexibility and enhanced security for your files and processes.

Business Continuity and Disaster Planning

We prioritize frequent data backups to ensure you have the latest version for seamless business continuity in case of any unforeseen events.

Network Design and Support

Our experts can assist in setting up your network infrastructure, ensuring seamless business communications and enhanced convenience.


We implement robust measures to protect your data and IT systems from ever-increasing threats, safeguarding your business from potential cyberattacks.

Endpoint Support

We secure all the mobile devices used by your team, closely monitoring them for any suspicious activity and taking immediate action to protect compromised devices.