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  • Are you having issues with your network or IT infrastructure but lack the in-house expertise to resolve them?
  • Do you worry about the effect a cyber attack could have on your business?
  • Are you unprepared for a sudden loss of data due to an unforeseen disaster?

When you run a growing company, it is prohibitively expensive to maintain a full in-house IT department. Also, having to keep tabs on technology issues could take up a lot of time to devote to providing your services or creating products. Let Schilling IT’s highly specialized and experienced team help you. We provide quality IT services in South Bend, Indiana, backed by the best customer service. We serve all our clients with a unique personal touch, and we work hard to develop strong relationships with every business that trusts us to take care of their IT infrastructure and data.

IT Services In South Bend Indiana

Why Companies in South Bend Trust Schilling IT to Take Care of Their Technology Needs

Since 2009, Schilling IT has been a leading provider of expert IT support to companies all over NW Indiana. We have helped hundreds of businesses boost their productivity and become more profitable by streamlining their technology operations. We deliver cost-effective maintenance, support, maintenance, and consulting services that not only minimize downtime but also help you take advantage of new and emerging technologies. We offer:

  • 24/7 user support
  • Predictable monthly pricing
  • Custom solutions tailored to our client’s industry
  • Responsive customer care

Schilling IT Services for South Bend Companies

We offer an array of IT services in South Bend, Indiana, to cater to the growing number of small and mid-sized businesses in the area. The technology solutions we provide include:

Managed IT Services

With predictable monthly pricing and an all-inclusive range of managed IT solutions, Schilling IT takes over full responsibility to monitor and maintain your network and devices. We take a proactive stance to ensure that your network runs as smoothly and possible and that we catch any issues early before they cause significant outages. Our team of skilled and experienced engineers provides the following services:

  • Windows & Mac workstation support
  • Computer installation and repair
  • Server Installation and repair
  • Networking setup and configuration
  • Software installation, update, and patching
  • VOIP Support

Cybersecurity Solutions for Business
With cybercrime continuing to rise, data security should be a constant concern, not something you should set and forget. Protect your network and your business data with our cybersecurity solutions. If you have work-from-home arrangements with your staff, we also help you secure access to corporate resources through their own devices without compromising your network. At Schilling IT, we specialize in auditing, planning, setup, monitoring, and continuous management of a range of network and data security solutions, including:

  • Malware protection
  • Spam and email security
  • Security awareness training
  • Firewalls / UTM (united threat management) appliances
  • Business security policies
  • Data encryption solutions

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Do you fail to carry out regular backups of your servers? Do you store all your business data on-site? Is your business unprepared to handle a significant technology failure or loss of data due to theft, a crashed hard drive, lightning strike, or a flood? Answering “yes” to the above means that you risk losing productivity and revenue in an unexpected disaster. Let us help you minimize the effect of unforeseen outages by putting in place a disaster recovery strategy that includes:

  • Online backup services
  • Forensic data recovery
  • Disaster and recovery planning
  • On-site backup system implementation

Get the IT Support Your Business Needs to Succeed in South Bend, Indiana

Schilling IT offers extensive and reliable IT services to small and mid-sized businesses in South Bend, Indiana. We are always there whenever our clients need us, ensuring that they enjoy seamless productivity thanks to our proactive support. Call us today, and we will ensure your business has all the software, hardware, and technology resources you need to gain an edge in your industry.

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Client IT Service Stories Of Success

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    My experience with Schilling IT has always been excellent. For the most part, Cirro Ramos has been the person to assist me. Cirro is consistently pleasant, knowledgeable, and patient. He never stops until my problem is resolved. I am so grateful that our organization has Schilling IT to help us with our needs!

    ~ Angela Harris
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    Schilling IT provides a personalized, expert solution for all our IT needs and even more. They have never avoided helping us with anything related to technology even if it may fall outside their typical course of business. They have been the complete solution for anything relating to computers, technology, and IT. Their response time has always been fast.

    ~ VJ Damasius
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    Schilling IT and all of their employees are excellent!!! They always take care of any issues we have in a timely manner and I would recommend them to anyone!!

    ~ Shannon
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    Great customer service, and quick!!! Total professionalism on appearance and demeanor. Completely satisfied with the work we had performed.

    ~ Kerry drake
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    Schilling IT is professional and quick to resolve your IT problems. I highly recommend their team!

    ~ Jorie Jones-Prather