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We Deliver Reliable Technical Support that Guarantees Consistent Uptime

Consistent hardware and software support services are essential for maintaining system uptime. Partnering with a reliable IT service provider provides access to round-the-clock support that keeps your system running.

Schilling IT delivers on-site and remote tech support services that maintain business continuity. Our help desk is available 24/7 to help resolve your technology issues in real-time. We dedicate ourselves to reliable tech support and consistent customer service. Our support services help you enhance availability and simplify your system’s management.

Technical Support

Technical Support For Your IT Systems

Schilling IT offers comprehensive technical support that maintains your IT systems and processes. Our experienced technicians deliver extensive tech support that meets your specific business requirements. We provide IT maintenance solutions that help to boost performance while minimizing IT costs. Our expert team also provides managed IT support complete with integrated services.

Let us help you minimize outages and accelerate issue resolution with software support services. We work round-the-clock to meet service level agreements. Whether you need ongoing support for a dispersed team or require urgent remote assistance, we deliver the right technology at the right time. Our solutions let your employees leverage real-time guidance to resolve issues and enhance operations efficiency.

Count on us to support you in automating responses to common technical issues. Our highly experienced team manages complex technology issues with higher-level support. Our issue diagnosis and resolution services ensure that you boost customer retention while enhancing customer experience. We’ll tailor our technical support services to your specific needs, ensuring that you only pay for what you use.

We deliver multiple business benefits for your organizations, including:

  • Rationalized business processes
  • Round-the-clock service
  • Access to skilled and trained technical helpdesk professionals
  • Enhanced savings on time and resources
  • Consistent online computer support services

Why Choose Our Technology Support Services

Schilling IT delivers IT consultation solutions that help you choose the ideal technology to support your processes and business objectives. Our expert team will help to streamline your technical support processes. We deliver access to valuable knowledge that detects gaps in coverage while anticipating issues before they occur. Leverage our flexible IT support services to enhance your support experiences and boost your competitive advantage.

Count on us for remote PC diagnostics and issue resolution. Our team exploits innovative solutions and automation to resolve your issues speedily. Count on us to help you unbox new equipment, troubleshoot network issues, and resolve Wi-Fi connectivity problems. Before completing on-site dispatches, our team validates tech support requests then tries out simple remote repairs.

Our solutions eliminate the need for repeat visits while minimizing the time that on-site technicians spend working on your systems. Our proactive approach ensures that technicians can preorder necessary replacement parts. Leverage our efficient knowledge management tools and ticketing systems to maintain optimum system performance.

Partner with us for:

Voice Support Services

We deliver 24/7 outsourced technical support that guarantees consistent voice solutions. Our tailor-made solutions respond to your specific business requirements. Count on us for help on simple calls to complex issue resolution.

Remote Monitoring Services

At Schilling IT, we work to ensure that your business minimizes costly downtime. We implement innovative IT support tools and processes that identify technical issues before they get out of hand. Find consistent technical support services that enhance issue resolution.

Network Security Monitoring Services

Our team keeps an eye on data coming from different environments and works to minimize intrusions into your systems. We deploy intelligent monitoring solutions that uncover suspicious invasions proactively. We’ll help you implement robust security solutions that keep cyberattacks at bay.

Boost Productivity with Proactive IT Support

Do you need reliable tech support? Schilling IT delivers unmatched technical support that helps to maintain business continuity. Enjoy access to 24/7 help desk solutions that address your company’s technical queries, handle troubleshooting, and deliver accurate answers. Contact us today to find much-needed support.

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How We Help Your Business

Fully Managed IT Solutions

As Technology becomes more complex, it’s increasingly important to apply a best-practices approach to managing your IT.

Business Communications

The strategic deployment of VoIP can be done either as an independent service or seamlessly integrated with video conferencing technologies.

Cloud Technologies

Schilling IT specializes in cloud services and cloud solutions for organizations throughout Northwest Indiana and the Chicagoland area.

Cybersecurity & Risk Management

Aligning IT infrastructure with the demands of regulatory compliance and Cyber Insurance requirements, which may encompass services like HIPAA to meet business needs.

IT Roadmap

As your business expands and evolves, the role of IT within your organization becomes increasingly critical. We strategically design a roadmap and budget plan for your IT.

Microsoft Office 365

Unlocking the full potential of your 365 subscription through effective digital transformation. Enhancing cloud access, seamless collaboration, server reduction, and remote work enablement.

Co-Managed IT

By Supplementing your existing IT team with resources from Schilling IT, your team will avoid burnout and experience peace of mind.

Managed Apple IT

Effortlessly managing your Mac technology, on par with Windows systems, for your small and medium business.