What Is Microsoft Purview? The Ultimate Guide to Data Governance

Key Points:

  • Microsoft Purview is a cloud-based data governance tool that helps organizations manage and govern their data.
  • Purview provides a central repository for data assets and role-based access control to manage who can see and use what data.
  • Purview can help organizations meet compliance requirements, such as GDPR and CCPA, by providing a way to track and manage data.

What Is Microsoft Purview?

Microsoft Purview is a cloud-based data governance tool that helps organizations manage and govern their data more effectively. It provides a central repository for storing and managing data and a set of tools for analyzing and reporting on that data. Purview also includes several features that make collaborating on data governance projects easier, such as workflow and approvals.

Microsoft Purview

Data Governance in Today’s Digital World

Data governance is a critical success factor in any digital transformation. The processes and policies ensure data is accurate, consistent, and compliant with regulations. With the proliferation of data, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage and govern. There are different types of data that organizations have to deal with, including but not limited to financial data, customer data, employee data, and more

With over 90 percent of organizations using some form of cloud services, it can be challenging to keep track of all the data stored in the cloud. Additionally, many organizations use multiple cloud providers, which complicates things further. In addition to managing a multi-cloud strategy, businesses and organizations must keep up with the latest laws and regulations regarding data privacy and security.

Small, mid-size, and large organizations must comply with the ever-changing regulatory landscape, which can be challenging. Organizations have to ensure that they have a way to collect, process and store all of this data in a way that complies with the law. Organizations also have to be able to access this data when they need to, and they have to be able to protect it from unauthorized access.

Many regulatory requirements around data governance are changing, and organizations must adapt to these changes quickly or be subject to hefty fines. Businesses and organizations need a comprehensive data governance solution that will help them comply with the latest laws and regulations.

Managing Your Risks With Microsoft Purview

Microsoft Purview can help you manage risks by allowing you to see all of your data in one place. By identifying and addressing risks early, you can avoid potential problems later. Additionally, Purview can be used to create reports that show you how your data has changed over time. This can help you to identify trends and potential risks.

Purview can help you manage risk in several ways:

  • Helps you see all of your data in one place
  • Helps you understand who has access to your data and what level of access they have
  • Helps you create reports that show you how your data is being used

Risk management is an important part of any business, and Microsoft Purview can help you take control of your risk exposure.

What Does Microsoft Purview Do for Businesses and Organizations?

Microsoft Purview is a data catalog that helps you discover, understand, and govern your data. It provides a unified view of your data across all your data sources, so you can find the right data quickly and confidently. With Purview, you can do these things:

Discover What Data You Have, Where It’s Located, and How It’s Being Used

Purview helps you discover what data you have, where it’s located, and how it’s being used. You can use Purview to find the data you need and understand how it can be used to improve your business. Purview also provides you with a holistic view of your data to make better decisions about your business.

Governs Your Data to Ensure Compliance and Reduce Risk

Purview helps you govern your data to ensure compliance and reduce risk. You can use Purview to track and manage data to meet compliance requirements. Purview also allows you to control who can see and use your data. This helps you to keep your data safe and secure.

Automatically Classify Data

Purview automatically classifies data so that you can easily find the data you need. You can use Purview to classify data by customer, product, or even by time period.

Share Data With Others

Purview provides you with the ability to share data with others. You can use Purview to create groups and give access to specific data sets.

Integrate Data From Multiple Sources

Purview helps you integrate data from multiple sources. You can use Purview to connect to data sources and combine data from multiple sources into one central location. Additionally, Purview can be used to cleanse and transform data to be ready for analysis.

Understand the Meaning of Your Data

Purview provides you with the ability to understand the meaning of your data. You can use Purview to create models that analyze your data and provide insights into what it means. Additionally, Purview can monitor your data for changes and generate alerts when specific conditions are met.

Summing Up

Today, data is the most valuable asset for any company or organization. It helps businesses understand their customers, figure out what works and doesn’t, and make better decisions. However, its value depends on how quickly and easily it can be found and used. The more data a company has, the more difficult it becomes to find the most important data.

Microsoft Purview helps you gain the insight you need to make decisions about your business. It provides a unified view of all your data, including financial, operational, and customer data. With Purview, you can track performance, identify trends, and predict future business conditions. Purview is a powerful tool to help you run your business more effectively.

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