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Microsoft Support In Indiana

Schilling IT is here to help you with Microsoft Support. We service throughout Indiana and can help you with any of your Microsoft needs. Whether you need on premise support or remote help, our team is here for you. Let’s face it, Microsoft has a lot of products and it’s not always easy figuring them out unless you are an Excel Ninja. Take a look at the variety of ways our team can help you with Microsoft Support.

Microsoft Support For Your Indiana Business

Does your company use a lot of Microsoft products? Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, the Office package? If so, you might have more questions than answers. Where do your employees go when they need help or troubleshooting?

The Microsoft Office package alone can be overwhelming. Do your employees rely on Microsoft Outlook for email? What happens when they try to share and sync calendars with each other, for example? Little tasks like that should be easy and help your business run efficiently, but if your employees are spinning their wheels to complete basic Microsoft tasks, you might want to outsource and get some help.

Microsoft Excel is a program that many companies rely on. From basic lists to complicated formulas and pivot tables, chances are your team could be getting more out of this product. Schilling IT can set up training to teach your team some of the more intricate capabilities of Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Server Support

Did you know your servers should be upgraded and maintained fairly regularly? If you don’t have good IT support, you run the risk of your servers crashing and losing a lot of your work and productivity.

In that case, do you have a recovery plan? How will you get back online? A good IT company will maintain your servers and provide upgrades and maintenance regularly, so your business has less of a risk of going offline in a crisis.

This includes a disaster recovery plan. In the event of a natural disaster or a cyber attack, how will your company survive? Did you know many companies don’t survive a cyber attack because of the amount of resources required to recover? Schilling IT can help you prevent a cyber attack and can help you be better prepared in the event of a natural disaster.

One of the worst things you can do for your servers and IT infrastructure is to ignore them. Ignoring technology and not providing maintenance and upgrades is a surefire recipe for trouble and a collapse down the road – most likely when your business can least afford it.

Microsoft Azure

If you are currently using an in-house infrastructure, now is the time to consider moving to a cloud-based system. Microsoft Azure is the solution for this, and our team can help you make the switch seamlessly, without losing any productivity. Azure is easy to use and you only pay for exactly what you use, so you don’t have to worry about any high fees or exorbitant costs.

The nice thing is you will receive regular and routine upgrades, so you can be confident you are always using the latest and greatest technology. And, with Azure, you already have state of the art disaster recovery built-in. While our team can oversee that and make sure everything is in top form, it’s comforting to know the technology already exists to protect your data.

Microsoft 365

If you are running a business, there’s a good chance you are either using Microsoft Office 365 now or you should be. In either case, we can help you get the most out of this package of products.

Take a look at many of the advantages of using it:

  • Your teams can work remotely and collaborate virtually with ease
  • Security is robust and you do not have to worry about data breaches
  • Easy transition for office products your team might already be using
  • Cloud-based, meaning your team can access files from anywhere

Like any new product, there will be a bit of a learning curve for your team. But, we have a team of experts on Microsoft Office 365, and we can answer any questions your team will have. We can also provide upfront training to teach them and recurring training over time, so they can learn more about how to get the most out of these products.

Benefits Of A Dedicated Microsoft Support Team

While it will cost a little upfront to use our team, we actually are going to save you money in the long run. For starters, you are less likely to experience a data breach, which will cost you a lot of resources (both time and money). We are going to help your team become more productive, meaning your output should increase, which should also increase your revenues and profit margins.

You’ll never be without the latest technology. Technology is constantly improving, and our team will be dedicated to ensuring you receive timely upgrades and the best products. Technology is a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing in that it can greatly help your business run effectively and smoothly. It is a curse, because if it fails you at the wrong moment, it could cost your business revenue. Our team will help make sure you are always running smoothly, with little to no chance of an inopportune system crash.

While Schilling IT specializes in Microsoft support, we are also here for any IT questions. Maybe you are thinking of outfitting your employees with new mobile devices, for example. We can help make recommendations about what to buy based on the specific needs of your company.

Microsoft Support Services By Schilling IT

Schilling IT can help with your business’ Microsoft-based infrastructure. From getting you started with the right products to providing training solutions for your employees, our team can answer any questions about Microsoft products that you have. Reach out and contact us today to set up a free consultation and learn about all the ways we can help you with Microsoft products and all your IT needs!

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