5 Benefits Of Microsoft 365

There’s a reason Microsoft is one of the most popular comprehensive IT business solutions available. It allows organizations the ability to communicate, collaborate, and overall work more effectively. It doesn’t just offer tools for completing your work – it gives you the ability to connect your entire team in a way that makes the most sense for getting work done.

If you don’t use Microsoft, it’s critical to know its many benefits to see what you’re missing out on. If you do use it, it’s helpful to receive a reminder of all the functionalities it can provide organizations of all sizes. Whether you have a small business or a large enterprise, the benefits you can derive from using Microsoft for your IT needs are many.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using Microsoft and how your organization can operate more effectively and efficiently by using it.

Microsoft 365 Benefits

Easier to Ensure Version Control

One problem collaborators can run into when they’re all reviewing and editing the same document is version control. You may have experienced it before yourself – if multiple people email a document back and forth, making changes during each iteration, there can be issues regarding what version you should be working from. This leads to vital information and edits being left out, making it more likely that typos and other corrected mistakes aren’t left in.

One of the great strengths of Microsoft is its ability to allow people to collaborate cohesively. With Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, everyone in the organization will be able to access the same document – but all changes will be accounted for in real-time.

Another benefit is that with access controls, an administrator can give read and edit rights to a limited number of people within your organization. For example, if there’s a document intended only for the C-Suite’s eyes, you can restrict access to that specific group. Others won’t be able to see it until you’re ready to share it with them.

Everyone is Working From the Same Knowledge Base Thanks to Cloud Computing

Long gone are the days in which everyone saving documents to their personal computer or laptop is the norm. With Microsoft 365, you have everyone working within the same system. There are a number of reasons why this is a good thing for your organization’s synergy.

For one, everyone has access to the same documents. This helps cut down on information silos. Rather than wait for someone to send a file or document, you just need to know where to look.

With cloud computing, everyone is working with the same set of IT tools. Microsoft has a robust package of IT solutions for a variety of business challenges. By teaming with Microsoft, you allow your entire team to use the same programs for their specific business needs. This will cut down on collaboration and communication issues when they need to connect.

Your Team Has Plenty of Communication Options

Communication has always been paramount for any successful organization. Now, with hybrid work environments becoming the standard rather than the exception, being able to virtually connect with your team members has become more important than ever. Gone are the days when in-person shoulder taps were common. Being able to talk quickly over the internet is the capability all teams need.

Microsoft has its users covered there. With Microsoft Teams, you can send DMs via chat, with the ability to look up anyone in your organization’s directory. You can call your teammates. You can also schedule video conferences for meetings that require more connection.

The ability to talk isn’t all you have, however. Teams has whiteboarding capabilities for co-creation workshops. You can use this in real-time over a video conference, allowing for guided facilitation. You can also use it for less formal, one-on-one co-creation sessions.

Your team can also use Yammer, Microsoft’s built-in social networking capability that enables quick, real-time communication. It doesn’t matter how your team communicates best – virtual meetings, calls, DMs, or longer, concentrated collaboration workshops. Microsoft has you covered no matter what your employees’ communication style might be.

Simple Collaboration with People in or Outside Your Organization

Of course, while being able to collaborate inside your company is valuable, there may be times you’ll need to invite people outside your organization to collaborate as well. Vendors, contractors, or client team members may all need access to your files at some point if you’re working on a joint project.

With Microsoft, you can provide guest access to these users. It enables them to function seamlessly as a member of your team. You can control how much or little information they’re able to see or alter.

As your team grows, you may want to bring outside operators in to get their feedback and hear their thoughts. Microsoft’s capacity for file sharing, information gathering, and remote meetings isn’t limited to those within your organization. You can extend those same benefits to outside stakeholders, increasing their buy-in for the deliverables you’re creating.

Frequent Updates to Maximize Capabilities and Security

Whether your team is operating on-premises or largely remotely, they’ll need to use IT systems that provide ample security protocols. Ransomware, phishing attacks, or many other types of malicious cyber threats have the potential to infiltrate your employees’ systems, hardware, or software. You’ll also want systems that are flexible, improving their offering as technology adapts.

Microsoft offers frequent updates to its systems whenever there’s an added capability or improvement. It also offers frequent security patches and updates so you can rest easy knowing you and your team have optimal protection from security threats. Automatic updates help minimize your network’s vulnerabilities, minimizing the risks you and your team members are exposed to.

Are you looking to better understand how to get the most out of Microsoft – or thinking of migrating from another solution? We can help. We’ve got experience navigating Microsoft 365 and can help advise you no matter where your team is in the process of using it. For more on how we can help, contact our team today.

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