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We Provide Strategic IT Consulting Services

Schilling IT Provides Strategic IT Consulting For Businesses Looking For A Path To Growth  

Every successful company has well-organized IT for its current needs and a strategic plan to anticipate future requirements. Schilling IT’s experts have years of experience providing insights to C-suite executives to help companies make the most of their technology assets and predict what hardware and software they may require as the business grows.

When you sign up for our IT consulting services, our team will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your company’s operations and technology. They will then have a discussion with your management, who will outline your corporate goals.

Although your business aims are unique to your business, the consultants go into the process knowing that the purpose of tech is to boost productivity. With that in mind, the Schilling IT team comes up with a custom roadmap that shows you how to make the best use of your technology budget.

IT Consulting

What Our IT Consulting Services Can Do For Your Business

With Schilling IT consulting, we handle all your technology planning, so your staff can focus on your core business. By working closely with your management team and creating a customized game plan for your company, our experts ensure that your business has all IT bases covered.

Our consultants will provide advice on what new hardware and software you need to achieve your corporate goals. We look for the most innovative solutions that help you cut costs and boost your profits without compromising the quality of service you offer your customers.

Additionally, we design a technology plan that scales along with your company’s growth, so you do not have to worry about lost productivity or security breaches if you outgrow your existing solutions. The deliverables of our IT consulting solutions include:

  • A tech strategic plan that will grow with your company
  • Installation of new hardware and software
  • Transformation of your existing technology to improve efficiency
  • A strategic, innovative approach to your IT implementations

Our IT Consulting Services

Schilling IT’s consultants will help your company with business process improvement initiatives, including:

Shifting And Cutting Costs 

As a business-minded professional looking for ways to save on your technology expenses, the last thing you want is a plan for the complete overhaul of your computing infrastructure. Our consultants will find innovative ways for you to lower your costs for inefficient and redundant technology. We will also investigate what you can do to avoid massive upfront costs that could cripple your technology budget by:

  • Improving the efficiency of your existing technology
  • Finding cost-effective replacements for obsolete tech
  • Introducing new technologies with lower hardware requirements
  • Finding more affordable business software licensing models

Boosting Productivity 

Our dedicated team of tech consultants will work with your management to find productivity solutions to solve your company’s most pressing problems. We do this by getting to know all aspects of your business and establishing how we can position technology to improve process efficiencies. Specifically, we do the following:

  • Analyzing and tracking employee technology usage statistics
  • Suggesting process improvements that save time and resources
  • Providing secure and robust cloud-based solutions that let staff work remotely

Improving Data Management 

Today, companies can use the information they collect during their operations in new and exciting ways. Schilling IT consultants will help you use the latest analytics systems to gain deeper insights into your business performance, your vendors, your staff, and most crucially, your customers. We can help you to:

  • Keep track of business trends
  • Monitor website and network traffic
  • Oversee your customer acquisition costs
  • Keep track of financial data

Contact Schilling IT For Strategic IT Consulting Solutions

At Schilling IT, we believe in being an integral part of our client’s success. We have a history of working closely with top management of companies throughout Chicagoland to help them get better returns on their technology investments and improve their productivity and profitability.

Contact us today, and let our consultants help you make the most of your IT spending.

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