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We Offer Reliable and Personalized Tech Solutions that Enhance your Productivity

  • Having trouble maintaining your tech infrastructure’s security?
  • Need an IT partner who understands the value of IT in service delivery?
  • Looking to enhance profitability and productivity with streamlined tech solutions?

For the past dozen years, Schilling IT has offered reliable tech solutions to clients in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland marketplaces. We offer proactive managed IT solutions that identify and resolve tech issues before they cause significant damage. Healthcare, non-profits, law, and industrial clients can count on us for cybersecurity and cloud-based solutions to drive productivity.

With our top-notch and reliable solutions, small to medium businesses can enhance their efficiency with ease. We offer customized solutions at pocket-friendly prices to meet your specific IT needs. Our best-in-class services free up your in-house team to focus on growing your business. Count on us for efficient technology solutions that help you remain productive while competing effectively.

Tech Solutions

Business Benefits From Our Reliable IT Solutions

Many SMBs lack the resources needed to support an increasingly complex IT environment. Besides, maintaining smooth IT operations while running your daily operations can overwhelm your team. Schilling IT offers robust IT solutions to relieve your team from this pressure and optimize your business operations. Our expert team can help you deploy the latest tech solutions, helping you make the most of continuous technological advancements.

We take pride in creating lasting client relationships to offer personalized solutions. Our personal touch in delivering the latest technology solutions has been pivotal to our growth over the years. Partnering with us for managed IT services guarantees access to simplified solutions that match your specific needs. Let us take care of your tech issues as you focus on business-related projects.

Our solutions deliver multiple benefits, including:

  • Cost savings from minimal hiring
  • 24/7 monitoring of critical systems
  • Minimal system downtime
  • Enhanced business efficiency and productivity

Our Services

At Schilling IT, we understand that today’s businesses rely heavily on technology to maintain business operations. Partner with us for diverse tech solutions, including:

Managed IT Services

Count on our tech experts to deliver proactive monitoring and maintenance solutions that help you enhance your productivity. Our tech team works round-the-clock to resolve emerging tech issues, minimizing costly tech-related interruptions. Offload specific IT operations to us and enjoy multiple benefits, including:

  • Increased profit margins from reduced expenses
  • Immediate response to critical tech issues
  • Experienced and certified technicians at your disposal

Cybersecurity Solutions

Schilling IT offers customized cybersecurity solutions that reduce your system’s vulnerability to cybercriminals and hackers’ activity. Our holistic cybersecurity approach assesses your security posture and delivers solutions that enhance your current security measures. We’ll also help you develop a robust disaster recovery plan that helps you restore operations with ease in case of an unexpected event. Our cybersecurity solutions cover:

  • Security awareness training
  • Malware protection
  • Website content filtering
  • Business security policy solutions

Cloud-Based Services

We provide cloud solutions that offer you 24/7 access to your business from any location or device. Our highly skilled technicians can bring your business to the cloud and help you limit your utility costs. Count on us for hosted applications, desktop virtualization, hosted exchange email, and hosted VoIP solutions that simplify your team’s communication. Our solutions help to:

  • Restrict access to valuable information
  • Foster collaboration with fewer cost implications
  • Implement data recovery solutions to maintain business continuity

Drive Productivity with Top-Notch IT Solutions

Schilling IT offers scalable IT solutions that respond to your evolving IT needs. Our expert team provides regular system upgrades, ensuring that your solutions match the constantly changing IT landscape. Count on us for lasting IT services personalized to your specific business needs. Let us help you leverage your technology investment to achieve your business goals.
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Cloud Technologies

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