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What’s the Going Rate For IT Technical Services In Indiana?

If you own or operate a small to medium business anywhere from Valparaiso to Chicago, you may be wondering about the going rate for IT technical services in Indiana. You may even be thinking that a team of IT techs is something you would rarely use and might not be worth whatever it cost. Can your company afford to pay for technical support? A better question might be, can you afford not to?

Technical support may not be something you require on a daily basis, but when you need it, you need it. So, would it be smarter and more cost effective to pay for support as needed, or would your business benefit from hiring a full-time IT systems support manager? Here’s everything you need to know.

IT Service Costs In Indiana

Average Rate for IT Technical Services in Indiana

Actually, there is no one number to indicate how much a tech support team will cost, in Indiana, Chicago, or anywhere else. You can, however, come up with a decent estimate based on the size of your company, the time one or more techs spend fixing your IT problems, and the complexity of your technology systems.

Hire a relatively inexperienced computer technician one time, and you may get away with paying him or her less than $70 per hour. Hiring that same inexperienced technician to join your in-house team may run you $40k per year.

A more experienced technician may charge you $100 or more per hour for the same job. The cost of hiring the more experienced tech can easily cost between $47k and $50k annually when you factor in employee benefits.

When it comes to IT, the more experienced a tech is, the more money they can charge. This makes sense in the long run, because a skilled technician has likely seen your sort of IT issues before and won’t spend as much time figuring things out than a lower-paid, less experienced tech.

Hire an information technology firm that has five to 10 techs on staff, and you will probably pay somewhere between $100 and $150 per hour for their skilled services. Remember, these prices are just an estimate and will vary based on where your company is as well as how many competing IT outfits there are nearby.

A less experienced tech may not be able to suss and manage all of your IT problems. At the same time, the cost of keeping a more experienced IT tech on the payroll might not make sense, especially if your small to medium-sized company has few IT issues. If you do keep one tech on staff, they may be out sick or on vacation when an IT issue arises, and you will still have to hire someone for a one-off job.

IT Support Contract or Pay-As-You-Go: Which is Right for You?

When you pay for support as needed, you may save money due to the fact that most IT issues don’t take a long time to solve. That’s the good news. The not-so-good news is that most pay-as-you-go IT techs charge for a minimum amount of hours, even when the issue takes a fraction of that time to fix.

At the low end of the scale, companies pay an average of $170 for a one-time tech visit. At the other end of the scale, a company may pay as much as $300 for that one-time visit despite the fact that the problem was easily (and quickly) solved.

Another thing to consider when keeping an IT tech on salary is that they may not feel the incentive to fix issues in a timely manner. This disinterest in rapid response can force a company to endure IT issues that are never solved at all.

A Better Way to Get the IT Services Your Company Needs

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Thanks to our friends at Orbis Solutions in Las Vegas for their help with this research.

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