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IT Services For Healthcare Organizations

Schilling IT Is a Credible IT Provider for Healthcare Organizations in Northwest Indiana.

  • Do you struggle with long downtimes and faulty systems within your healthcare organization?
  • Do you live in fear of constant downtimes and network failure?
  • Are you at risk of losing essential data and information?

At Schilling IT, providing reliable healthcare IT services remains our trademark. We provide hospitals and other healthcare organizations with comprehensive HIPAA compliant healthcare IT solutions that guarantee security and productivity. Our services range from necessary infrastructure and software installations to strategic monitoring and management solutions. Many hospitals and private practitioners rely on us because we ensure that they remain agile, resilient, and efficient in service delivery.

Healthcare IT Services

What Benefits Do You Enjoy from Subscribing to Our Services?

Schilling IT staff understand that healthcare is a mission-critical field. Thus, we believe that instead of worrying about your IT woes, you can focus on helping your patients. Partnering with us means that we run your IT department as you put your energy into essential hospital or clinic operations. And apart from helping you deliver an efficient operation, we ensure that you control your IT costs by eliminating unpredicted costs.

The benefits include;

  • You get cost-effective and reliable support
  • Reliable hosted healthcare communication
  • Data protection and security
  • 24/7 server monitoring and management
  • Onsite and remote IT support

Our Healthcare Focused IT Services

You can trust us to boost your efficiency and productivity with these and many other services;

Healthcare IT Consulting and Support

If technology inefficiencies, frequent downtimes, and cybersecurity threats are part of the issues making efficiency and service delivery elusive, then we are here for you. We have IT experts who will provide you with a strategic IT plan that meets your needs and objectives. We will also help you achieve the strategic plan by supporting you and your staff through the process. We will help out with the following services if you choose us for consulting and support;

  • An assessment and evaluation of your IT situation and needs
  • End-user support and integration
  • 24/7 remote and onsite help desk
  • Proactive monitoring and optimizations

Network Security

Healthcare organizations depend on reliable networks to communicate and achieve a myriad of other functions. Of course, network frustrations are a fundamental reason why many hospitals do not achieve their goals. We take pride in our most experienced and certified network security technicians who will install, configure, and manage your network systems desirably. We aim to deliver some of the most reliable network solutions that will enhance reliable communication and data security. Our focus areas include;

  • Network system design and installation
  • Electrical backup and protection systems(UPS)
  • Cabling and wire installation
  • Fulltime network support and monitoring
  • Wireless networking options
  • Remote access and VPN

Data Backup and Recovery

We acknowledge the importance of data in healthcare. But do you back up your data appropriately? Forget about traditional backup systems and focus on digital backup solutions with Schilling IT. We will analyze the type of data you want backed-up and find the right network configurations for your needs. Our data backup and recovery services also come with the appropriate responses to retrieve any data or information at risk of getting lost after a technological catastrophe.
Our DBR services include;

  • Onsite backup systems
  • Cloud backup and storage
  • Forensics data and information recovery
  • Disaster management and response
  • Data recovery planning and implementation

Let Schilling IT Be Your Trusted Partner for Reliable and Scalable Healthcare IT Solutions

While modern digital trends are incredible for businesses and organizations that value growth, they will not deliver the desirable productivity and convenience without the right infrastructure and management standards. At Schilling IT, we provide healthcare organizations with tailored, reliable managed IT solutions to meet their objectives. Download your IT stresses to us today and concentrate on service delivery.

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