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IT Services For Construction Companies

IT and Communications Solutions Designed From the Ground Up to Help You Build Your Growing Construction Company

  • Does your construction firm need engineers with experience supporting and maintaining industry-standard technology?
  • Do you need to protect your business and client information from hackers?
  • Do you have a distributed team that needs to stay connected via their phones?

Schilling IT has trained and experienced IT support experts who understand the tools businesses in the construction sector rely on for their daily operations. Let us help you manage your technology so you can get back to your core business. We take pride in our record of bulletproof support to our clients, ensuring maximum uptime and complete security of mission-critical systems. We also support your third-party applications, working closely with the vendor to provide proactive support to prevent possible issues.

IT Services Construction

How Schilling IT Helps Your Construction Business Stay Ahead of the Competition

Your construction company deserves a reliable technical support partner to keep up with the construction industry’s demands. Schilling IT understands that you operate within a fast-paced market sector, where you require immediate attention to IT issues wherever and whenever they occur. Our IT services experience with construction companies gives us a unique perspective on the challenges you could face. They include multiple operation sites, the need for remote access to IT resources, and the configuration and support of mobile devices and portable applications. We offer:

  • Cutting-edge mobility and voice solutions that keep your team in touch
  • Protection for your electronic data and network
  • Maintenance and optimization of the various software packages you use within your company
  • Maintenance of your entire network to assure you of maximum uptime

Schilling IT Services for Construction Companies

Ensuring that your IT systems are stable, secure, and up to date are our priorities. We offer the following services to support construction companies in NW Indiana:

Managed Services and Tech Support

We understand the construction industry and know that you face unique operating hours and IT challenges. Suppose you do not have reliable early-morning access to your telephones, computerized tools, project management solutions, bidding systems, or financial software. In that case, the result is missed deadlines, crippling costs, lost productivity, and unhappy clients. We bring you our wealth of experience working with clients in the construction business to ensure that you enjoy an end-to-end, proactive IT support solution that includes:

  • Windows and Mac desktop installation/support
  • Server setup, support, and repair
  • Networking setup and monitoring
  • Data backup and recovery solutions
  • Software support

Corporate Data and Network Security

Losing critical business or client information due to a data breach can be a severe blow to your company’s credibility and result in hefty costs to resolve the situation. Our IT services for construction companies include a fully managed cybersecurity solution that will protect your business systems and corporate network from malicious intrusions. We also help you maintain full control over your compliance risks if you are a contractor within a highly regulated sector. Among our IT security services are:

  • Anti-malware solutions
  • Email security and anti-phishing
  • Employee security awareness training
  • Firewalls and UTM (United Threat Management) appliances
  • Data encryption solutions

VoIP Communication Solutions

A hosted VoIP solution is the most affordable phone system for your construction business. It is simple to set up as a cloud-based service and less stressful to manage than traditional telephony solutions. Schilling IT will replace your existing telephone equipment with a state-of-the-art, feature-rich cloud-based PBX. The solution allows you to have a standard management interface for your smart and desk phones, which you can easily access from any location via a mobile app or web browser. VoIP makes it easier for you to keep in touch with teams at various sites at an affordable cost, instantly turning remote locations into workplaces. Some of the features of the VoIP solution are:

  • Rapid setup of our plug-and-ring solution
  • Custom call-handling rules per user or department
  • Centralized management of multiple sites and remote employees
  • Use of mobile apps to convert smartphones and tablets into business phones

Boost Your Work Site Efficiency with Our Reliable IT Solutions

When a valuable contract is on the line, you cannot afford to waste your time battling unreliable networks, communication problems, or issues with software compatibility – you need instant and proactive solutions. Schilling IT delivers a range of telephony, technical support, cybersecurity, cloud, and IT consultancy services designed for construction companies like yours. Talk to us, and let us help you eliminate technology outages that cost your business time and money.

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