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Why Your Organization Needs A Reliable Team Of IT Engineers To Setup Your Computer Network

In terms of staying connected as an organization, few things matter more to a modern business than your network setup.

Keeping your entire team connected – no matter where they are or what devices they are using – can be the difference between accomplishing your mission or running into consistent roadblocks.

You want your network to function because if it doesn’t, you’ll need to spend more time troubleshooting than you would on doing what your team members do best.

That’s why you’ll want to rely on a team of experienced, results-driven IT engineers to help you with your network setup.

Let’s take a closer look at the different components you’ll need to set up a network and why you’ll want a team of IT experts guiding you through each part of the process.

Data Cabling

While your network will be dependent on your hardware, you’ll also need to maintain connectivity. You can do this through data cabling.

By implementing a cabling system, you can ensure your network stays online and operational. While this seems simple enough, it’s not necessarily easy to do. You’ll need to understand how to attach and cut cables, and what machines need to be connected to your network.

This requires an expert’s touch. Without a strong network connection, your systems will be rendered useless. Data cabling helps your computers, printers, and other devices stay connected when you need them to be. Having a team of engineers in place with experience setting this up lets you rest easy knowing that they can complete the installation without problems.

Wireless Network Infrastructure

With wireless networking infrastructure, you’ll connect to your network using a wireless access point. This means having everyone connected to the same service set identifier (SSID) and connecting your wireless access point to your wired network.

Infrastructure networks are more scalable and centralized, with the ability to connect people further away than other types of wireless networks. The main concern will be getting the access point set up and operating.

By partnering with a team of IT engineers, you’ll be able to set this up seamlessly without issues.

IT Security

There is no shortage of cybersecurity risks that threaten to bring down your network, and having a team of IT engineers in place to fortify your systems is critical to ensure your team’s peace of mind.

Phishing scams grow more sophisticated by the day as hackers attempt to use social engineering to trick people to click on nefarious email links. This can lead to malware infiltrating your network, impacting your ability to function.

Ransomware is a growing threat as well. That’s when hackers will infiltrate your system and close off access until an exorbitant fee is paid. Even if an organization pays the fee, the criminals behind it may never hold up their end of the bargain.

In 2016, a Florida hospital saw hackers shut down its system, blocking access to patient medical records until a ransom was paid in Bitcoins. Their network was offline for more than a week.

The best approach to combat these kinds of attacks? Taking a proactive stance, securing your network upon set up.

The threat from cyber attacks is clear, but there are best practices you can put in place that will protect your IT network. Before you do, however, you’ll want engineers well-versed in computer security leading the way for you. They’ll know how to set up your security system and how to communicate good cyber hygiene habits to your team members.

WAN Topologies

A wide area network (WAN) allows your organization to communicate as a network in your business location while also connecting to other offices elsewhere. A topology is a term for how this network is arranged. Topologies can be looked at from a physical perspective, where you consider where the devices included on the network are physically located, or logical topology, which refers to how the data transfers from one point of the WAN to another.

Managing WAN topologies allows your office to stay connected with other offices or even remote workers much more effectively. Today’s workplace is becoming increasingly fragmented (at least physically), meaning it’s more important than ever to maintain connections over long distances. A team of IT engineers who understand this need, and how to manage these WAN topologies, is critical to ensuring your entire organization stays connected no matter where they sit.


Software-defined wide-area networks (SD-WAN) is an innovative new network format better suited to meet the more sophisticated IT needs of today’s businesses. Whereas older WAN infrastructures were more rigid and less accommodating, SD-WAN can meet the increased demand for services such as video or an increase in endpoints connecting to a central network.

If your company continues to lean into more of a remote posture – and most are, at this point – embracing SD-WAN should be a serious consideration. A team of IT engineers can help you more easily transition to this position.

Server Architecture

Your server architecture is another aspect you’ll want to be well-managed during network setup. When you have clients at multiple workstations with servers located elsewhere, having a strong, well-connected server architecture is critical to your network’s health and success. When your client sites have a set checklist of tasks they need to execute on a regular basis, your servers need to be able to respond reliably and consistently.

That means you need to understand the finer points of server architecture, which the right IT engineering team will possess knowledge of.

Cloud Architecture

Cloud computing is growing in popularity among businesses, to the point where it seems like everyone uses some sort of cloud solution for many IT needs. Whether it’s storing data or housing software applications, using cloud architecture as a resource often saves organizations time and money. The key is to have a team in place who knows how to manage it so that you don’t experience a disruption in access or services. With the right network setup (overseen by a team of experienced professionals), you can avoid many common pitfalls.

Of course, having a team of IT engineers to help you navigate the challenges associated with the technologies mentioned above isn’t as important as having the right team of IT engineers in place. With Schilling IT, we offer a knowledgeable team of experts ready to guide you through the network setup process.

If you want to avoid the hassle of network setup while leaving it in the capable hands of experts, schedule a consultation today.

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