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Your small and medium-sized business requires reliable and efficient IT services to run efficiently, but may not have the resources to spend on an in-house IT team. But this doesn’t mean that you leave everything to fate because your business may likely experience serious problems, including cybersecurity threats.

Managed IT Services

The cost of purchasing the hardware and software needed to establish a strong in-house IT department can be too overwhelming for your business, especially since you are trying to keep up with the competition, and making your firm grow to the next level. But you cannot achieve much without professional IT services.

When it comes to managed IT services, Schilling IT doesn’t disappoint. It provides a whole package to meet all the IT needs of your business.

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IT Consulting

Every successful company has well-organized IT for its current needs and a strategic plan to anticipate future requirements. Schilling IT’s experts have years of experience providing insights to C-suite executives to help companies make the most of their technology assets and predict what hardware and software they may require as the business grows.

When you sign up for our IT consulting services, our team will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your company’s operations and technology. They will then have a discussion with your management, who will outline your corporate goals.

Although your business aims are unique to your business, the consultants go into the process knowing that the purpose of tech is to boost productivity. With that in mind, the Schilling IT team comes up with a custom roadmap that shows you how to make the best use of your technology budget.

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Technical Support

Consistent hardware and software support services are essential for maintaining system uptime. Partnering with a reliable IT service provider provides access to round-the-clock support that keeps your system running.

Schilling IT delivers on-site and remote tech support services that maintain business continuity. Our help desk is available 24/7 to help resolve your technology issues in real-time. We dedicate ourselves to reliable tech support and consistent customer service. Our support services help you enhance availability and simplify your system’s management.

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Network Services

Traditional networking solutions can result in negative user experiences, especially with increased data traffic and devices. Businesses in today’s digital market require consistent connectivity to match their client’s requirements. Companies can leverage efficient network IT services to keep their teams connected while maintaining consistent business processes.

Schilling IT can help you install, configure and maintain your network IT services efficiently. Our proven knowledge and expertise ensure that your network remains secure while functioning consistently. Count on us to help you accelerate your company’s growth with efficient network IT solutions. We make the most of IT to enable people and create processes that optimize your services.

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Cybersecurity Services

Your business is as good as the security of your IT systems. Cybercriminals are on the rampage and are targeting any business or organization in their path. As cases of ransomware and other malware attacks increase, so is the threat to your data and processes.

But your business may not have enough resources to assemble a well-equipped in-house IT team to handle all the security issues of your IT systems. Hackers are also hoping you don’t manage an in-house team, so they can pounce on your unsecured systems. However, you have a cheaper and easier option to outsource your cybersecurity services to a reliable and professional managed IT service provider, such as Schilling IT.

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Cloud Services

Do you find the prospect of purchasing equipment and hiring and maintaining in-house experts to install and update your software, run backups, manage file servers, and set up email nerve-wracking? At a small monthly fee, Schilling IT can provide managed IT systems that we set up and maintain on your behalf. By hosting your business applications in the cloud, you eliminate the need for costly servers and networking equipment and have secure access to your business data from any internet-connected device.

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Business Continuity

Certain situations require you to have a safety net for those “just in case” situations. You cannot predict when a disaster will strike your business and relieve you of all the crucial information stored on your systems, so Schilling IT provides a reliable data backup and recovery service for businesses of all sizes.

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VoIP Telephone Services

Unresponsive business VoIP telephones result in productivity loss, revenue loss, and increased frustration. With efficient VoIP systems, businesses can leverage high-definition voice calling and team messaging to enhance their communication efforts.

Schilling IT delivers robust VoIP phone services that keep your business connected and boosts your collaborative efforts. Our relationship-driven solutions help you make the most of your tech investments.

Our cloud-based VoIP phone systems can help implement flexible call and fax routing solutions. Connect remote employees and multiple offices on a single solution. Our expert VoIP telephone providers can support you in customizing user and department call handling processes.

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Client IT Service Stories Of Success

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    My experience with Schilling IT has always been excellent. For the most part, Cirro Ramos has been the person to assist me. Cirro is consistently pleasant, knowledgeable, and patient. He never stops until my problem is resolved. I am so grateful that our organization has Schilling IT to help us with our needs!

    ~ Angela Harris
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    Schilling IT provides a personalized, expert solution for all our IT needs and even more. They have never avoided helping us with anything related to technology even if it may fall outside their typical course of business. They have been the complete solution for anything relating to computers, technology, and IT. Their response time has always been fast.

    ~ VJ Damasius
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    Schilling IT and all of their employees are excellent!!! They always take care of any issues we have in a timely manner and I would recommend them to anyone!!

    ~ Shannon
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    Great customer service, and quick!!! Total professionalism on appearance and demeanor. Completely satisfied with the work we had performed.

    ~ Kerry drake
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    Schilling IT is professional and quick to resolve your IT problems. I highly recommend their team!

    ~ Jorie Jones-Prather