Business VoIP Telephone Services

We Deliver Phone Flexibility with Robust VoIP telephone solutions

Unresponsive business VoIP telephones result in productivity loss, revenue loss, and increased frustration. With efficient VoIP systems, businesses can leverage high-definition voice calling and team messaging to enhance their communication efforts.

Schilling IT delivers robust VoIP phone services that keep your business connected and boosts your collaborative efforts. Our relationship-driven solutions help you make the most of your tech investments.

Our cloud-based VoIP phone systems can help implement flexible call and fax routing solutions. Connect remote employees and multiple offices on a single solution. Our expert VoIP telephone providers can support you in customizing user and department call handling processes.

Business VoIP Telephone Services

Our Business VoIP Telephones Services

Schilling IT delivers plug & ring desk and conference phones that keep your team connected round the clock. We provide free apps that integrate seamlessly to smartphones or tablets, allowing your team to use them as business phones. Upon request, our team can install computer softphones that let you take and make calls from your devices.

Our uniquely simple controls let you manage call settings seamlessly. Administrators can manage users and locations from a single account. We deliver robust functionality for one low monthly cost. Count on us to remove setup and activation costs. Your team won’t also have to worry about PBX hardware.

We provide access to premium solutions that accommodate organizations from all walks of life. Count on us for timely service that helps you maintain continuous business operations. At Schilling IT, we understand that businesses need efficient technology solutions to stay successful. Our business VoIP systems deliver unlimited extensions, video and audio conferencing that ensure that your team keeps in touch with clients and vendors efficiently.
We offer multiple business benefits, including:

  • Proactive system maintenance
  • Top-notch reliability
  • Simplified setup and customization
  • 24/7 technical support and consultation services
  • Cost-efficient telephone solutions with no hidden fees

Why Choose Schilling IT VoIP Solutions?

Our expert team integrates your mission-critical productivity apps to empower your team to boost your competitive edge. We’ll ensure that you achieve substantial cost savings with the ability to complete internet calls. Your business also pays less for long-distance and international calls as we help you move away from traditional telephony.

Schilling IT VoIP solutions go beyond customizable caller IDs and toll-free numbers. Our expert team enables other functionality, including online meetings and real-time texting capabilities. Explore call routing for incoming calls with your office’s setup. Our flexible VoIP solutions let you respond efficiently to the ever-changing business atmosphere. We guarantee complete mobility with mobile-enabled solutions.

We guarantee:

High-level Security

We’ll help you set up highly encrypted networks complete with multiple authentication levels. Count on us to ensure that communication remains secure throughout the transmission journey.

Consistent Customer Support

Our telephone experts are available round the clock to respond to emerging issues. We can walk you through efficient solutions to your problems with ease, ensuring that you maintain consistent system uptime.

Ease of use

Traditional on-premise phone systems require businesses to dedicate management and maintenance workforce. With our VoIP phone services, your team can manage communications via web interfaces accessible through internet-enabled devices.


We deliver phone systems that respond to your evolving business needs. Our systems adjust to diverse office communication needs. We let you add virtual extensions when you get new employees. Our multi-location phone systems also allow you to connect multiple offices under one phone.

Partner With Us For Next-Level Business VoIP Solutions

Schilling IT strives to deliver quality and satisfactory business VoIP services matched with the best customer service. We create solid and trustworthy relationships that help businesses remain successful. Count on us for unrivaled customer support that enables you to minimize costly downtime. Contact us today to learn more!

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